The purpose of the Brad Peyton Memorial Endowment Fund (BPMEF) of the Shining City Foundation (SCF) shall be:

  • To provide aid and assistance to children, both born and unborn, and their caregivers wherever there is an identified humanitarian need.
  • Priority shall be given to situations in which abandoned or unwanted children are rescued and provided with critical care including remedial medical attention, such as cleft palate surgery, and ongoing support for special needs such as blindness, deafness, loss of limbs or paralysis.
  • Grant funds are available to 501c3 organizations serving needs spelled out above.

Additionally, please note that to the extent practicable, the grants from the BPMEF shall be maximized by using matching gifts and contributions of other organizations or SCF’s general operating funds; provided, however, that grants for constructing or purchasing structures and facilities may not exceed one-third of the total project cost. In this regard, the BPMEF shall show a preference toward paying rent for existing facilities over constructing or purchasing in countries in which continued operation of such facilities for their intended purpose cannot be assured due to property laws and stability of foreign governments.