The first SCF project was to install showers at an orphanage in Lijiang. Since then, SCF has provided support a variety of support for orphanages including agriculture, livestock, nutrition, education, and health care. 

Lijiang Orphanage and Farm

Initial project engagement of SCF in Yunnan, Province started with support of the LiJiang Children's Ethnic Orphanage School. The first project was the purchase and installation of a water tank, solar panels, and shower facilities (piping) to provide the opportunity for over 300 youth to receive showers on site.

This engagement led to major project support to enhance the living conditions at this site. In partnership with an Alumni Grant from Grinnell College, SCF provided the support and hands-on-engagement to build the first of three 3-building living complexes. This provided the opportunity for each youth to have their own bed rather than sleeping multiple youth to single beds.

Support was also provided for the school to establish a self-sustaining farm operation through the purchase of pigs, cows, goats, chickens, ducks and fish. SCF also provided greenhouses for production of vegetables. This engagement enhanced the diet of the children and has continued to grow with management of the farm operation under the control of graduates from the school.

Numerous enhancements have been financially supported including water purification, kitchen supplies, educational and recreational supplies.

Sichuan Province Orphanage

Sichuan Province Orphanage is privately operated by a team of great humanitarians. Because of the group's years of service in Tibetan areas, they have been entrusted with almost 50 orphans, most of them Tibetan children and many of them disabled.

Shortly after the May 12 earthquake that shook southwest China last year, we were informed that the orphanage was in great need of emergency funds to continue operating. Although the orphanage buildings were safe, all roads to this remote mountain area were cut off by the earthquake, and the orphanage was in desperate need of extra money to buy flour, rice, and other stables that were suddenly in short supply and extremely expensive as everything had to be air-lifted in. The emergency funds that SCF supplied kept the children fed and healthy for those first critical months after the earthquake.

Many of the orphans have "special needs". Some of the children spend considerable time in hospitals in Chengdu (the nearest big city) for surgeries to correct or help the physical disabilities.

Tibetan Orphanage

SCF in partnership with the Des Moines AM Rotary has provided many items to support an orphanage in Tibet. Over the years, educational materials, school uniforms, dental checkups, and medical care have been provided along with funding for facility improvements to enhance the lives of the children at the Tibetan orphanage. 

Lisu Outreach

SCF, working in conjunction with our contacts at the Lijiang orphanage is able to provide support to the ethnic group of Lisu people living in a mountainous village outside Lijiang. This support has included nutrition and clothing over the years.