Shining City Foundation was formed in 2001 following on a dinner conversation at the home of Brad and Claudia Peyton. Their oldest child was in middle school and they were learning about China and the conversation turned to the one child policy. Since boys are valued more highly than girls in China, often girls and handicapped children would have little chance for life, presumably so parents could reserve their opportunity for a boy or a healthy child.

The next day Brad connected with a friend who has some experience with humanitarian efforts in China. After a dinner meeting a few days later, which confirmed what he has heard from his middle schooler, he decided he needed to do something to help. 

Shining City Foudation (SCF) was founded to help care for abandon children in China, but it has grown to serve expanded need and other geographic areas, as needs have become known and relationships have been established. Beyond supporting orphanages and schools, SCF provides scholarships to students in need for regular school, as well as medical and dental school. We also build or support medical and dental clinics, and the construction of churches if it is keeping with the local culture. 

Mission Statement: Shining City Foundation (SCF) works to enhance the health and general welfare of underserved populations through improved living conditions, health care, and educational opportunities.

Guiding principles of SCF are to:

  • Utilize 100% of every donation for project support
  • Enhance the lives of those less fortunate with self-sustaining projects
  • Partner with "like-minded" groups and organizations
  • Provide active hands-on volunteer participation