August 7, 2010

Every trip we have taken to China we learn as much about ourselves as we do those we seek to serve.

Today we have all been given a lesson in patience - as for the first time in five trips our plans have changed due to travel delays.

Actually the second time, as the seven landslides in Tibet the last time were certainly a delay. However, it was more exciting to dig out of mud with Monks than sit for hours in the only airport in the world that sells NO beverages.

Everyone has been wonderful and a special compliment to our two seventeen year old travelers (and Deb) who have made the most of it and been a joy and motivation for the rest of the team.

Right now the plan and best option is to take an 11:30 pm flight to Kunming and then fly to LiJiang at 7:30 am and we will be back on schedule.

On the last trip digging through the landslides I set a simple rule - never travel to China without an ISU engineer. This year, confirmation of the baseline for our teams - never travel without people who know the language and how to work within the system.